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Teaching Coding to Kids: What Programming Language Should We Use?

One of the most common questions I get from teachers and parents is: What programming language should we use to teach kids to code? Is it important to always start with block-based languages like Scratch? At what age should they transition to text-based languages? And how do I choose between Python, Java or JavaScript?

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Why Elementary Schools Should Teach Kids to Play Poker

Maria Konnikova doesn’t buy the "10,000 hour rule"—that theory popularized by Malcolm Gladwell that it takes at least 10,000 hours of serious practice to become a world-class expert at an activity. She believes she’s found a way to short-circuit it, and it involves marshmallows and poker.

Nature Sound Map - Explore the Sounds of Nature

Nature Sound Map provides a neat way to explore the soundscape of the natural world. On the Nature Sound Map you will find placemarks containing recordings of nature. The recordings have been added...

More Than 3500 Free Civics Lessons

60 Second Civics has long been one of my go-to resources for lessons on U.S. civics and government. 60 Second Civics is a daily podcast produced by the Center for Civic Education. Each 60 Second...


Artículo publicado en el monográfico "Inclusión educativa" de la Revista Voces, Plena Inclusión, nº 436, de 8 de marzo de 2019. 

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A solo dos centímetros

La escuela inclusiva es un hecho imparable al que se dirigen los sistemas educativos comprometidos con nuestro tiempo. 

Y, ¿qué significa

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Las TAC y tú: agencia e identidad(es) en el aprendizaje de español LE/L2

Esta es la presentación del 11 de marzo de 2019 preparada para el Máster Universitario en la Enseñanza del español como lengua extranjera de la Universidad de Salamanca.
Las TAC y tú: agencia e identidad(es) en el aprendizaje de español LE/L2 from Esperanza Román

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Calladita no estás más guapa

El pasado 8 de marzo asistí a la manifestación por los derechos de las mujeres que se celebró en Madrid y, como casi siempre en estas manifestaciones, encontré un montón de cosas que te pueden interesar.          

Encontré, entre otras cosas, variantes de frases típicamente machistas, variantes de refranes, versos pareados, metáforas y hasta reflexiones sobre la lengua. Así que de todo eso

Easy Peasy Guide to Capturing & Sharing Links to Screenshots

Innovative Educators often pursue certifications to let others understand skills and areas of expertise. Here are some easy ways to capture and share screenshots of accomplishments.  

Here is how to do this:

Step 1: Select Print

Step 2: Select Save to Google Drive

Step 3: Right click and select "Get shareable link."

Step 4: Copy link and ensure "Anyone with the link can view"


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It’s Time To Think Differently About Writing In The Classroom

It’s Time To Think Differently About Writing In The Classroom by Terry Heick Among the biggest changes of modern academic standards is the shift in the burden of general literacy. Rather than only “writing teachers,” teaching reading and writing, now all teachers across all content areas are being asked to do so (something we’ve talked […]

What Every Edtech Company Needs to Know About Schools and Data Privacy

The data privacy landscape looks a lot different than it did even a few years ago. New federal and state laws—and a greater focus on the issue by districts—are giving edtech companies a lot to consider.

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