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The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 146 Does Education Have A Twitter Problem?

The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 146 Does Education Have A Twitter Problem? Drew Perkins talks with Dean Shareski about the lack of substance in some education related social media postings, the importance of being able to discuss difficult ideas, and teacherly authority vs. self-directed learning. Links & Resources Mentioned In This Episode: Dean’s Ideas and Thoughts blog […]

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Function Follows Form: How Two Colleges Redesigned the Classroom for Active Learning

Although a wealth of research suggests that active learning increases student engagement and improves academic outcomes, many college campuses struggle to get faculty to shift away from traditional, sage-on-a-stage style teaching practices. But some institutions are gaining traction using a novel approach: leveraging the expertise of facilities and information technology staff to support the redesign of classroom learning experiences.

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¿Por qué los Reyes Magos traen carbón?

El carbón, una vez quemado, no sirve para nada. Dice la leyenda que son las cenizas del incienso y la mirra que los Reyes Magos habían regalado a Jesús, las que se les ponen a los niños que no se portan bien.

El origen de la leyenda parece estar en elcarbonilla, un personaje que aparece en la época de Navidad. Dice el mito que, el carbonilla es un paje de los Reyes Magos (posteriormente

What's Inside of Buckingham Palace and the White House?

Yesterday, while looking for something completely unrelated I stumbled upon two excellent videos produced by Jared Owen. The videos, What's Inside of Buckingham Palace? and What's Inside the White House? use CGI models of both buildings to take viewers inside each building.

10 Oculus Go Virtual Reality Apps to Try in the Classroom

The day the Oculus Go released in May, I rushed to Best Buy to get the virtual reality device, which is owned by Facebook, before they sold out. To my surprise, the staff had no idea what I was describing. Fortunately, I was able to find it at the customer service desk, and I was the first customer to purchase it at that store.

What Student Leaders Think About the Future of Education

There’s a lot that goes into innovation efforts on campus—think curriculum design, technology training for instructors, and bureaucracy. But too often, a critical element is left out of the process: student voice.

How to and Why You Should Create Google Alerts

Yesterday morning someone on Twitter asked me about creating Google Alerts. The question came in response to my post about copyright and plagiarism. In one of the videos in that post I mentioned using Google Alerts to find places where my work turns up without my permission.

What Are Google Alerts?

Copyright and Plagiarism in Blogging - What Can Be Done?

My plan for today didn't include writing about or making a video about copyright and plagiarism. However, this morning I found five blatant examples of websites republishing my entire blog posts without permission. The most annoying offender of all was the Milton S. Eisenhower Library at Johns Hopkins University! So in a moment of frustration, I made this short video.

Plantillas para fomentar la interacción en Instagram

Sí, soy consciente de que últimamente parece que me ha dado por Instagram pero la realidad es... vale, sí, me ha dado por esta red social. Ya he hablado del potencial pedagógico de la opción de las stories e impartí un taller didáctico inspirado en las ilustraciones gastronómicas de Diego Cusano, a quien conocí gracias a su perfil en Instagram. Mi último descubrimiento ha sido el perfil de Manu

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