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Why the Growth Mindset Needs to Keep Growing

Over the summer, academics debated the impact of growth mindset, the belief that one’s intelligence can be developed with hard work and effort, and whether it can move the needle on academic performance.

How to Build an Online Learning Program Students Crave and Employers Want

One of the great challenges for any educator is how do you teach and test students on real world problems, not just on theoretical textbook examples?

Literacy Tools That Bring Equity and Energy to the Classroom—and Unlock Career Doors

Reading was easy for Dr. Doug Fisher when he was growing up in San Diego, but it wasn’t for everybody. “I had friends who were illiterate,” he says. “They just pretended they could read, and the teachers pretended, and they graduated.” As a freshman at San Diego State University, Fisher wrote his first English comp paper on illiteracy in America. “Somehow, that seed was there for a really long time.”

Presentation Trick Innovative Educators Will Love

Here’s a
trick that will come in handy for innovative educators who have times when it
becomes helpful to have lots of tabs easily accessible.  For example, say you are having several
students present one day and you don’t want to have to click open each
presentation or connect and disconnect various devices from the display
station.  Or, maybe there are tabs that
you use each time you

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Sesquidécada: octubre 2003

Creo que es la primera vez que me pasa. Desde que comenzase estas sesquidécadas hace ya casi diez años, no se me había olvidado esta cita mensual del blog, pero resulta que el mes de octubre se ha pasado tan rápido que, cuando me he dado cuenta, estoy casi a mitad de noviembre. Tal vez sea que la lectura de un novelón de Galdós me ha tenido tan absorto, que los días pasaron sin que lo notase.

Hack Education Weekly News

Each week, I gather a wide variety of links to education and education technology articles. All this feeds the review I write each December on the stories we are told about the future of education. It’s a bit tricky to do some weeks – because some weeks I’m traveling and some weeks a major event happens in the middle of the week making some of the “before” reporting seem a little odd.

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