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What the Voice of Morgan Freeman Taught Me About Improving Classroom Engagement

Just recently, my organization put on an epic education state leadership conference in the mountains of Georgia. It had the usual general session speakers, breakouts, multi-colored name tag ribbons and vendor halls. However, we wanted to grab educators from the moment they sat down, and let them know our event was a bit different—and we were proud of it. For that, we turned to Morgan Freeman.

Is Assessment Ready to Move Beyond Standardized Tests? These MIT Researchers Think So.

This is the first part of a two-part story looking at how MIT researchers are developing playful assessments to measure student growth. Stay tuned for part two later this week. In recent years, educators have spent countless collective hours designing, experimenting with and implementing new kinds of learning experiences for students—learning experiences that are fun, engaging and formative. But assessments haven’t evolved at the same pace.

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If You Want Equity in the Classroom, Above-Average Readers Need Intervention Too

I think every child needs to have some kind of reading intervention.Michael Ballone, director of curriculum for the K-8 Marlboro Township Public Schools in New Jersey, has a clear idea of what most literacy instruction gets wrong: it only serves struggling readers. “I think every child needs to have some kind of reading intervention,” says Ballone, a former seventh-grade English teacher. “It might mean acceleration or it might mean remediation.

Six Ways to Protect Student Data and Prevent Cyberattacks

As if getting up to speed with new classroom technologies and pretending to be tech-savvy like the kids isn’t enough, school staff also need to guard against the ever-increasing threat of cyberattacks. Lurking in the shadows, cyber-gremlins wait for an opportunity to strike so they can capture sensitive data and wreak havoc with school systems.

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This Teacher’s Uber-Style App Feeds Hungry College Students

Dispelling loneliness. Building community. Helping college students share extra meal swipes with hungry classmates. There’s an app for that!

9 Ways To Support A Culture Of Wellness In Your School

9 Ways To Support A Culture Of Wellness In Your School by TeachThought

Four Pillars of a Meaningful Life That Could Be Part of Every Learning Community

When Emily Esfahani Smith went to college and embarked on her adult life she thought the key to a happy life was success. She was looking for the perfect job, boyfriend and apartment. But the longer she chased the things she thought would make her happy, the more anxious and adrift she felt. So she decided to go to graduate school to study positive psychology and figure out once and for all what makes people happy. But what she learned was that many people feel hopeless, depressed and alone.

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