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Navigating Google Maps Using Pegman

Recently,  I introduced you to Pegman, the little icon who lives in Google Maps and Google Earth and helps us explore imagery of places all over the world at street view level.

Implied Powers - American Government Review

Keith Hughes recently published a new video for students of U.S. History and U.S. Government. The video is titled What Are Implied Powers? The video features an overview of the debate between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson over the interpretation of the Elastic Clause and General Welfare Clause. Check out the video as embedded below. It could make a great introduction to the topic or a review after a few of your own lessons about implied powers.

Copyright for Teachers - Webinar Recording

Last night Beth Holland and I hosted a free webinar in which we talked about copyright concerns that frequently appear in schools. As you can see the video of the webinar (embedded below) it was a casual conversation during which we shared some stories, fielded some questions, and shed some light on common misconceptions about copyright.

Google Movies: Fast, Fun, Easy Way to Capture & Celebrate Learning

Part of providing an effective learning opportunity includes capturing and celebrating the learning. There are numerous ways to do this. Lately, my favorite is Google Movies because it is a fast, fun, and easy way to document events.

Here's what you do.

During the event:

Take photos 
Record videos

After the event:

Go to Google Assistant on your phone
Tap "Movie"
Select photos and videos

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K-12 Policy Updates: Mandatory Fall Reading for Every Education Entrepreneur

Last week, the Department of Education (ED) published Secretary Betsy DeVos’s “proposed priorities and definitions” in the Federal Register. The document, which is open for public comment until mid-November, lays out her vision for American education, and the requirements and priorities that ED will apply to all competitive funding going forward.

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Organizar encuentros con Doodle

Cuando hemos de organizar un encuentro, bien sea presencial o virtual, nos encontramos con la dificultad de fijar la fecha y hora que mejor convenga a la mayoría. Para ello muchas veces de usa el correo o un grupo de whatsapp, pero es un proceso lento y pesado, además de generar mucho "ruido" entre los participantes.

Para evitar esos problemas podemos usar Doodle como organizador ya que es

Why Our Obsession With Edtech and Workforce Prep Concerns Parents and Public Educators

An upcoming webinar titled “The Future of Work and What It Means For K-12 Schools” has Carolyn Leith concerned about career-readiness. “They’re talking about today’s sixth graders and where they’re gonna be in the workforce.”

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7 consejos para diseñar secuencias didácticas

Este breve post tiene como fin compartir con vosotros mi reciente colaboración en el blog del Master en Profesor de Español como Lengua Extranjera de la UNIBA, centro adscrito a la Universidad de Barcelona, en el que imparto la asignatura de Didáctica de ELE a niños y adolescentes.

En el artículo comparto 7 consejos para diseñar secuencias didácticas, ya he detectado que mis alumnos -y

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Faculty Say Online Programs ‘Cannibalize’ On-Campus Courses at George Washington University

Who oversees online programs at colleges? The question sparked an internal investigation at George Washington University, after a lawsuit last year raised questions about whether the academic quality of online programs was on par with their in-person versions.“There was concern among members of the faculty senate that little was known about online programs at the university, how large there were or how many there were,” says Kurt Darr, professor emeritus of hospital administration at GW. “The purpose was to investigate what we have and how it was being managed.”

How To Handle Anxiety-Fueled Refusals To Go To School

Your child doesn’t want to go to school. It’s a daily struggle that many parents are familiar with.
But what if your child refuses to go to school?
Mental health professionals and educators say what used to be considered run-of-the-mill truancy could actually be something else. Some cases of chronic absenteeism are now being called “school refusal,” which is triggered by anxiety, depression, family crises and other traumatic events. It can lead to weeks or even months of missed school days.

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