A few months ago a reader sent me a link to Back then I found the site a bit pathetic, with limited resources that could never really benefit you; the readers.
But yesterday I received another e-mail, this time from someone that works for the site to inform me that SpanishDict was about to relaunch. Normally I’m allergic to these kind of e-mails, but this one was personal and she only asked me to look into it and say what I think of the new site (I actually got an e-mail before they launched the new site, which is also a plus if you ask me). And this time I do like the [new] site.
Some features they currently offer are a concise dictionary, a word of the day (trust me; not as good as the one I offer ;-) ), flashcards, lessons, a forum, chat and references. Still, there are quite some things that need improvement, but the things I really like at the moment are the dictionary, forum, chat and references.
First the dictionary: Not much to say about it, but it is very complete, contains example sentences(!) and has additional information like offers.
The forum: You can ask any question about the Spanish language, and can search for already asked (and answered) questions. This could really help you learning Spanish!
The chat: This more or less works like a language-exchange site. You simply look for someone that speaks Spanish as native language and wants to learn English and off you are.
The references: Oh boy! This is exactly was I’ve been looking for. Sure, there are many Spanish grammar explanations around the internet, but they almost never put things into context. I may be a sentence junkie, but this is just pure gold if you still don’t understand certain grammatical stuff and want to see things in context.
The things I don’t like
There are also some parts of the site that I don’t like. The flashcards only contain single word items (BAD!), the lessons are very basic (ahhhhh! Basic Spanish!!!) and the word of the day section is just so limited (just click a word and see it for yourself).
Still, that doesn’t matter as they offer some things that can really help you Spanish in the long run.

Disclaimer: I’m not receiving a dime for writing this article, it’s just that I like to share this news with you and I think you can benefit from using this free site.

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