One of the Biggest Violators of YouTube's TOS Changes Its Tune

As I shared in a post earlier this month, downloading videos from YouTube via a third party tool is a violation of YouTube's terms of service (TOS). Despite that fact there are many teachers who do attempt to use third party tools to download YouTube videos. One of the most popular of those tools, KeepVid recently changed its tune.

How to Automatically Filter Words From YouTube Comments

YouTube can be a great place to share your instructional videos with your students and the world at large. Every video that you upload to your YouTube channel has the potential to reach and help millions of people. With that potential audience of millions comes the potential for annoying and or downright offensive comments. Fortunately, YouTube makes it relatively easy to avoid having those comments appear on your videos.

How to Apply Face Blurring to YouTube Videos

Face and object blurring is one of the overlooked features built into YouTube's video editing tools. The blurring tool is great for selectively obscuring the faces of individuals in a video. You can use the blurring tool to block out sensitive information like a street address. Watch my video below to learn how easy it is to blur faces and objects in your YouTube videos.

FlipSnack Edu

La aplicación educativa que buscabas

Esta herramienta 2.0 es gratuita y está dirigida exclusivamente a docentes y alumnos. Permite crear y compartir flipbooks o libros interactivos: ¿Y cuál es la novedad? Estos libros no solo pueden tener texto escrito, pero también (y aquí está lo interesante) otro tipo de textos: es posible agregarles audios, videos de youtube, imágenes e ilustraciones.

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