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Fullstack Academy Launches Fund to Invest in Its Graduates

Coding bootcamps play a key role in closing the skills gap between the talent companies need and the competencies workers have. In most cases, these bootcamps have limited their roles to providing students with technical skills necessary to land higher-paying jobs.

What Microsoft’s LinkedIn Acquisition Means for Higher Ed

Growing a business is like running a marathon. But instead of jogging 26.2 miles, that’s how many dollars—in billions—Microsoft forked over to acquire LinkedIn.Microsoft’s biggest acquisition to date, the deal “brings together the world’s leading professional cloud with the world’s leading professional network,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told employees.

Amazon Goes Open-Source With Career Development Program

Yesterday Recode’s invite-only
Code Conference kicked off in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos headlined the evening session with an interview with Walt Mossberg, former Wall Street Journal technology columnist and Recode editor at large.

What Happens When Universities and Bootcamps Join Forces?

Three years ago University of New Haven Provost Dan May was weighing how to respond to a shifting job market for his students. His institution was already working with outside help to rethink the school’s engineering education. Recognizing significant new demand for data scientists, and after being introduced to the work of
Galvanize, a Denver-based company that runs coding bootcamps in several cities, May decided to look more closely at the potential of a university-bootcamp partnership.

Can Technology Save the Teaching Profession?

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There are few people who have studied teachers and the art of teaching as much as Barnett Berry has. He’s the founder and CEO of the Center for Teaching Quality, a national nonprofit that advances a high-quality public education system for all students, driven by the bold ideas and expert practices of teachers.

Sizing Up Your Skills—How You Can Get a Job in the Edtech World

Educators, it can be intimidating trying to decide when you’re ready to move into your next role, whether that be a new teaching gig, a technology coordinator position, or something outside of the classroom—like a job at an edtech startup. A big part of the problem is assessing what skills you have and how they might apply to that new role. What are you good at? How do you know if you’ve got what administrators or companies are looking for?To help, here’s a simple step-by-step guide with resources and tips from experts to help you with the transition—if you choose to make one.

White House and Barack Obama Scale Up TechHire Initiative, Push for More Makerspaces in K-12

“Creating over consuming” may well be the tagline for the White House and Department of Education’s agenda this week in Austin. Plenty of Washington officials are already milling about, setting the stage for President Obama’s keynote at SXSW on Saturday, March 11. In anticipation of his arrival, the federal government announced a slew of updates about its efforts to train learners of all ages, from K-12 to higher education and beyond.

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