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Hip-Hop Gave Me Purpose — Now It Helps My Students Find Their Voice

Some time ago, I began wondering what the point of life was. Looking inward was something I struggled with, and I didn’t feel well supported. When I sat in my chair, bumping hip-hop music, feeling depression while my child cried, I believed at the time my life was going to be mediocre.

Students Get Food, Clothing and More From ‘Care Closet’ Built by Their Teacher

There is a cartoon that has gone viral in the teaching community. Maybe you’ve seen it: It shows a child carrying large bags labeled with various challenges—hunger, illness, homelessness. It reads, “Could someone help me with these? I’m late for math class.” Most of us understand at first glance what it represents. Every student comes to us on the first day of school with baggage of their own. The loads they carry vary in shape and size, and sadly, some carry too heavy a load.

How SEL Can Promote Hard Conversations About Mental Health

Between 2015 and 2018, eight students and one teacher from Olathe Public Schools committed suicide. Through each heartbreaking loss, administrators and staff worked to find lifesaving mental health supports and strategies for the 30,0000 students in Kansas' second largest district. “We knew, as a community, we had to start talking about mental health and mental well-being and the strategies to support them—and remove the stigma of asking for help and support,” says Dr. Jessica Dain, Assistant Superintendent of Support Services at Olathe.

What Building a Tiny Home for the Homeless Taught My Students About Teamwork

Allow me a moment to brag about my students. During a recent bout of snow flurries, every single one of my students was outside helping hammer out some last-minute details on the tiny home we were building. Throughout the course of the project, all 16 of my students had demonstrated resilience and adaptability.

Parents Make a Big Difference in School Quality. I’m Living Proof.

When I became a father, I promised to do everything I could to ensure my kids’ educational experience was better than mine. I’m a public-school kid. I went to P.S. 152 and I.S. 131 in the South Bronx and tested into Brooklyn Tech for high school. In the early ‘80s, Brooklyn Tech was one of the best schools in the country, but I was one of only maybe 30 Black kids on a campus of almost 10,000. Still today, New York’s education system is one of the most segregated in the U.S.

When Zero-Tolerance Was Failing Students, This School Turned to Restorative Justice

AUSTIN, Texas — Even in elementary school, Luz Annette got into a lot of fights with other girls. In the hallways, in the cafeteria, in the girls’ restroom. Just about every day brought another confrontation.These were not just shouting matches. Luz, who is now in eighth grade, was getting into physical altercations with her classmates. “When you get in an argument, you just straight up go and fight,” the 14-year-old says, describing a lesson that was ingrained in her at a young age.

This School Was Failing at Its Mission to Graduate Every Student. Then It Opened a Day Care.

WASHINGTON, D.C — Inside a high school in the Columbia Heights neighborhood, down several hallways lined with student artwork and college acceptance letters, is a doorway marked “day care.”Image credit: Emily TateFlanked by two baby cribs, the door itself is covered with laminated guides promoting breastfeeding—one in English, another in Spanish—and behind it is a 3,360-square-foot, multi-room center filled with personalized cubbies, half a dozen cribs, baby bouncers, play sets, early learning tools and a pumping station.

Research Uncovers An Important Link Between SEL and Course Outcomes

To Sam Moulton, Director of Research for Panorama Education, a student failing a course is a wailing siren, signaling deep academic and personal challenges.

I Moved a Drone With My Mind. Soon Your Students Will Too.

I recently moved a drone with my mind. Not long ago my 6-year-old son spent two hours on my bed swishing through the world’s biggest roller coasters on YouTube with cardboard virtual reality glasses. My mind-control-drone-moving experience was nothing like this.

Inside the Wraparound Model That Puts Student Voice Front and Center

It was 2007, and Marietta High School, part of Marietta City Schools outside Atlanta, had just come off Georgia’s “needs improvement” list for low-performing schools. Student test scores and graduation rates in the school had also spiked, marking what all considered the start of a turnaround in the suburban district.Well, almost all.

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