Lingua.ly launches iOS App – Learn Vocabulary on the go

Lingua.ly, a language learning startup that lets people learn vocabulary from across the web through a free browser extension, launched its first iOS app.
The new app uses a patent-pending natural language processing technology that selects short articles from the web based on the current level of the learner as well as her personal interest. Lingua.ly also added support for four new languages: Italian, German, Dutch and Portuguese.

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Teaching Vocabulary Leads To Thought

TEST listeup-teaching-vocabulary-fiTeaching Vocabulary Leads To Thought
by Terry Heick
Vocabulary is a metric of thought.

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Interactive History Posters and a Dictionary of Historical Terms

The beginning of the school year is when a lot of history teachers find themselves explaining why the study of history matters. (Likewise, teachers of other subjects find themselves explaining why the study of their content area is important). TeachingHistory.org offers a couple of explanations and examples in the form of interactive posters for students.  Doing History is Like Solving a Mystery is an interactive poster for elementary school students.

Newswordy: Bring Buzzwords Into Your Classroom

Newswordy is a great website that’s been around for a couple of years. It simply and elegantly presents popular vocabulary in the context of media and news. The site focuses on buzzwords, or words that are commonly presented in news media, but not often used in everyday language.

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