United Nations

Celebrating Multilingualism

Photo credit: Naomi Barbour
Note from the editor: Naomi Barbour writes a guest blog post in honor of International Mother Language Day
“That doesn’t help me,” Yousef observed, having looked up a new term from his Biology class in the dictionary to check the meaning in his first language, Arabic. “I don’t know that word.”

Almost Everything Students Need to Know About the United Nations

While looking for student-friendly information about the situation in Ukraine I came across the following video from CNN Student News. Everything You Need to Know About U.N. provides a two minute overview of the basic structure and functions of the United Nations.

The United Nations Presents 2012 in Review

I'm sure that we'll be seeing a lot of "year in review" videos released over the next couple of weeks. Some  like Rewind YouTube Style will be fun looks at popular culture and others will have a more serious tone like this one from the United Nations. United Nations Year in Review highlights the major UN news stories of 2012 from natural disasters to political unrest.

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