Air Sketch – a Smartboard Alternative?

SmartBoards are great for language teachers – if you happen to have one in the classroom you’re teaching in. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. I’m lucky to have one in my new language center, but I don’t always teach there.
sometimes I wish during a conference presentation that I could draw over my images. During the last SOCALLT conference, for example, I showed blueprints of the new language center. It would have been nice to draw on these images and interact with them.
Air Sketch

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Conference as learning environment: we can do better.

This past week I attended the SLOAN-C / MERLOT / MoodleMoot joint conference in San Jose, CA, and while I have many, MANY thoughts yet to process (check the conference hashtag archive for a preview, if you dare), I’d like to start by considering our broken, outdated conference model more generally.

Conference Blather

Ryan is attending an Ed Tech conference this week and sends me this email from the venue:

WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN? (bullet points from an actual powerpoint preso)
– Explore better system functionality and/or approaches to pushing
content dynamically into LMS
– Capitalize on future library and learning management systems
enhancements to generate more dynamic content in LMS

Indeed…what does that mean? And, perhaps more important still, what can we do to make blather like this stop?

Scheduling Meetings with Students: Tungle

Summer is a great time to finally tackle some of the issues that I added to my “do later” list in my to-do manager throughout the year. One such item was:

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Más sobre Scrivener

Buscando fuentes para la anterior entrada encontré dos testimonios sobre Scrivener que me gustaría destacar en Tecnele.
El primero es un artículo sobre el uso de Scrivener en la enseñanza. El artículo está en inglés, pero vale la pena el esfuerzo.

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Graphic Recording, Visual Facilitation: making the invisible visible (and beautiful)

Remember what I said here about the nmc being an organization that celebrates creativity, innovation, and the importance of play? This spirit probably could not be more clearly apparent in their remarkable way of chronicling the work they do in their meetings when they ask their members for ideas, opinions, interpretations.

Nuevo blog del aula de español: Español con Nico

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