Summarize the Day With Pic Collage

Creating the collages can be a good way for students to organize their thoughts in a visual manner. In creating their collages they are organizing images that may later become writing prompts for them. I've had students create collages as a way to summarize field trips. Pic Collage is the app that I like for doing that activity. Pic Collage is a free app available for Android and iOS devices. The collage you see above is a very basic use of the app on my Android phone.

Multimedia Thanksgiving Turkeys

A couple of days ago my sister posted a picture on Facebook that inspired this post.

Supporting Teachers With Four Blog Posts

On Tuesday afternoon I met with the instructional technology facilitators in Mooresville, North Carolina.

FotoJet - Another Free Tool for Creating Image Collages

Creating image collages can be a nice way for students to summarize the highlights of a school event, demonstrate photography skills, or assemble a little story to introduce themselves to their new classmates in the fall. From Google Drawings, to PicCollage, to PicMonkey there are plenty of tools for making digital image collages. FotoJet Collage Maker is a new-to-me tool to add to the list of options for creating image collages.

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