Can Edtech Behind Bars Help Keep People Out?

A shockingly high rate of recidivism stands out as one of the worst problems facing America’s criminal justice system. A recent federal study that tracked over 400,000 prisoners after their release found that over half were put behind bars again within five years.

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Are We Preparing Students for the Creative Work of the Future?

Experts have predicted that artificial intelligence will replace nearly half the world’s workforce within the next fifteen years. They often follow that warning with the reassurance that leaving the automated tasks to machines will free up human labor for more creative projects. Yet, if we keep sidelining creativity in education, will the workers of tomorrow be prepared for that kind of work?

Dear Liberal Arts Major: STEM Companies Need Your Skills to Grow

Jennifer Wolochow majored in philosophy and religion at Stanford, hoping to become a high school teacher.“I just really enjoyed learning about why people believe different things around the world and how that informs their actions everyday,” she said.But instead of a classroom, Wolochow now works on the Silicon Valley campus of a company that’s using technology to make learning more accessible to people throughout the world.

Report Aims to Pin Down What the Coding Bootcamp Market Really Looks Like

There’s a not-so-secret issue with coding bootcamps: accurate data on the industry is sparse.“Despite the impact this emerging industry has made on higher education over the past 6 years, the size and scope of the sector and its impact remain unclear,” a new report published in RTI International finds. “Until now, the only data on these programs and outcomes of attendees have come from industry affiliated groups.”

Obama, Curry Call For Mentorship and Community at My Brother’s Keeper Anniversary Event

“We can all be surrogate fathers. We can all be big brothers.”Former President Barack Obama spoke those words in front of thousands at the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Alliance National Gathering in the heart of Oakland, Calif. on Tuesday. The gathering marked the fifth anniversary of the program’s existence, which was founded during Obama’s presidency in 2014.

Why Professors Need to Work to Inspire Their Students

The following is the latest installment of the Toward Better Teaching advice column. You can pose a question for a future column here.

How the Future of Work Will Influence the Future of Learning #DLNchat

There have been a lot of predictions about the future of work, particularly around the growth of an automated work presence and how people might be replaced by or work alongside artificial intelligence. But what impact will the future of work have on the future of learning?

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Food, Housing and Childcare: Colleges Addressing Basic Needs Are Boosting Success

Long Beach, CA—Improving students success won’t hinge on shiny new gadgets or high-tech early alert systems based on AI or big data. Increasingly, colleges are deciding to focus on addressing the root causes that can lead students to struggle in the first place.That was a major through line at this week’s DREAM conference here. Hosted by nonprofit Achieving the Dream, the event brought together community college leaders from 48 states to share what has worked and lessons learned from failed efforts as they’ve worked to support diverse and changing student populations.

8 Ways Schools Can Form a Better Relationship With the Media

We live in a media obsessed society—and media literacy isn't just for students. Educators need it too. Learning to interact with the press is a big part of that because too often schools find themselves reacting to news coverage, instead of helping shape it themselves.“There's a lot of good stuff that goes on in school districts that we're not aware of, especially if teachers, principals and communications people aren't telling us,” says Alia Malik, an education reporter for the San Antonio Express-News.

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The ‘O’ in ‘OPM’ Could Stand for ‘Outsourcing’

In their op-ed here in EdSurge, Harris Pastides and Randy Best made the “pro” case for Online Program Managers. They started off by telling an origin story of sorts, tracing the OPM (as it is known) back to the enrollment management companies of the 1970s. I am not going to make the counterpoint case, since I am a utilitarian when it comes to OPMs. But I contrast with a little more complexity than they present.

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