Learn Prezi in 30 Minutes

PREREQUISITES: Before starting this module, you will need the following: A teacher licensed Prezi account (this can be created here with your school email address, or if you do not have a school email address, you can read more about an alternate way to … Continue reading ?

Digital Grading Scale: Easy to Use!

If I make a quiz with 23 questions, how much should a student who got 12 of questions correct earn? How about a student who got 21 of them correct? Usually, to answer these questions I would pull out a … Continue reading ?

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30 Minute PD!

If you could learn a new technology tool for your classroom in 30 minutes, would you? I’d wager that your answer is probably yes. One of the greatest problems with professional development today is that it is lengthy, boring and … Continue reading ?

Simon Says Online: Classic Game, New Media

You know it, you love it, you played it for countless hours growing up, and now it has a brand new interface! The classic four colored memory game, Simon Says, is now online. From the same people who brought you … Continue reading ?

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Periodic Table of Comic Books

Covering the elements in your chemistry class? Check out this wonderful Periodic Table of Comic Books! It has comic book pages that refer to elements organized in periodic table format. Although most of the comic books refer to them in villainous schemes … Continue reading ?

The 21st Century Writing Process

Recently I was asked to present to a professional development mini–lesson to our English department on how they could utilize technology when teaching writing. After a lot of brainstorming, I decided to break it down by the writing process: prewriting, … Continue reading ?

LOL of the Week

This has been a crazy week, and I am eternally grateful that it is finally Friday and I can go home and get some sleep.  So, let’s end the week with a laugh online, and a laugh out loud: How about … Continue reading ?

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Salman Khan: Let’s Use Video To Reinvent Education

Currently I am beginning an effort to encourage teachers in my school to flip their classrooms. Although I recognize that flipping is not for everyone, I believe that video can be a powerful way to gain classroom learning time and … Continue reading ?

Man on the Moon: 3 Slideshows Honoring Neil Armstrong

Want to share the life of the great astronaut with your students? Travel back in time with these three photo slideshows from reputable news sources. Wall Street Journal New York Times USA Today

I Shot the Serif: Having Fun With Typography

Check out I Shot the Serif, a fantastic game that tests students on their knowledge of basic typography terms: serif and sans serif. In this fast-paced, point-and-shoot style game, students must correctly “shoot” all of the serif letters without shooting … Continue reading ?

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