8 Characteristics Of Education 3.0

Something “point-oh” has entered the modern vernacular as a response to our digital world. Unlike physical “Stuff,” digital stuff is more fluid–constantly iterating and evolving at often breakneck speed.

TechTalk: Miguel Guhlin, The Lone Ranger

Welcome, and thank you so much for taking some time out of your day. Let’s start with you telling me a little about what you do!

10 Apps Students Can Use To Work With Digital Images

  If you’ve ever watched your students hypnotically click through an online photo album, you know about the captivating power of digital photography.

The Current State Of Technology In The Classroom [Infographic]

The current state of technology in the classroom is somewhere between its infancy and bold experimentation.

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TechTalk: Monthly Interviews With Educators Around The World!

cheer1Thanks to Twitter, my personal learning network (PLN) has been expanding exponentially. Every day I meet someone new who is doing their part to contribute to the field of educational technology, and education at large. Hearing their stories and getting to know them inspires me, and so, I decided to introduce a new feature to the blog… TechTalk!

Daily Writing Prompts: Foster Creativity With Writing

A while ago, when I was searching the web for creative ideas for writing prompts, I came Writing Prompts. This is Tumblr weblog run by educator Luke Neff, who posts a new, visually appealing writing prompt each day (or almost each day). These are fantastic and creative, and often encourage higher level thinking from students.

30 Incredible Ways Technology Will Change Education By 2028

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, so much so that it’s challenging to grasp.

15 Digital Tools For Rhyming & Wordplay

by Kenney Meyers Rhyming words are fun, but some words will leave you tongue-tied trying to find a suitable partner. Anyone who has ever dabbled in poetry will tell you that meter is a refined...The post 15 Digital Tools For Rhyming & Wordplay appeared first on TeachThought.

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