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Check the Source Before You Subscribe or Buy

The online education community has a problem. We want our students to be aware of copyright and respect the work of authors yet we don't respect the work of our colleagues. Three times this month I have found my blog posts re-used in their entirety on other blogs. Those are just the obvious examples that pop-up in my Google Alerts. Last week Doug Peterson wrote a post about plagiarism.

Currix Launches a Marketplace for Lessons & Classroom Activities

You can find anything, learn anything you want on the Web, so the adage goes. But the vast resources that are at our disposal now don’t necessarily make it all that easy for teachers to be able to build their lesson plans. It’s hard to wade through websites and find the right video, the right activity, the right presentation. And so teachers continue to turn to one another for suggestions and ideas: what’s the best video on mitosis?

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