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Three Ways to Support Educators Who Hate to Teach Writing

“Another English teacher just switched to gym because she couldn’t do it anymore,” a teacher from Georgia recently told me. “I love teaching and helping kids grow,” she added, “but I hate that writing instruction takes up hours and hours of my life.” She’s not alone in her sentiments. A 2016 study of 3rd to 8th grade educators found that only 55% of teachers said they enjoy teaching writing.

6 Golden Rules For Engaging Students

6 Golden Rules For Engaging Students by TeachThought Staff If the mind of a student isn’t engaged, understanding and content mastery don’t stand a chance; If the mind and heart together aren’t engaged, long-term retention and transfer of understanding and content mastery are unlikely as well. The accompanying graphic does a good job of representing both […]

7 Simple Ways You Can Help Students Pay Attention In A Traditional Classroom

7 Simple Ways You Can Help Students Pay Attention by TeachThought Staff For many teachers, helping students “pay attention” is probably the wrong way to help improve what you’re probably trying to improve. Listless students. Apathetic responses. Uninspired work. Talking. Texting. Behavior issues. “Off-taskedness.” Daydreaming.

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44 Alternatives To What’d You Learn In School Today?

25 Alternatives To “What’d You Learn In School Today?” by Terry Heick This post has been updated and republished from a previous post You try to fake it, but it limps right out of your mouth, barely alive. “What’d you learn in school today?” In a single sentence, all that is wrong with “school.” First, the […]

How To Teach Empathy

How To Teach Empathy by Terry Heick Right near the core of education, just past tolerance and just short of affectionate connectivity, is the idea of empathy. University of California at Berkley’s Greater Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life explains empathy. “The term “empathy” is used to describe a wide range of experiences. Emotion researchers […]
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5 Easy Ways To Engage Students In Learning

  5 Easy Ways To Engage Students In Learning by Rachelle Dene Poth As a teacher, I am always looking out for new ideas, tools, and innovative methods to engage more students in learning. Here are five ideas that I tried during the past few weeks as I sought different ways to have students connect, […]
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6 Strategies For Dealing With ‘Difficult’ Students

6 Strategies For Dealing With ‘Difficult’ Students by Dr. Allen Mendler While stress caused by common core concerns has dominated the recent education landscape, dealing with difficult students remains the number one source of constant tension for most teachers. Continual exposure to students who won’t behave or produce can quickly erode both confidence and well-being. […]

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