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Can a Neuroscience Video Game Treat ADHD?

On the homepage of the health technology company Akili Interactive, there sits an intriguing line of copy: “Time to Play Your Medicine.”

A New Curriculum Helps Students With Disabilities Transition to Life After High School

Two years ago, my oldest son graduated from high school. I watched proudly as he used his self-determination skills to choose a major and enroll at a college that was an eight-hour drive from home. I stood back and watched . . . as he failed miserably. He returned home after just one semester at college.

How AI and Eye Tracking Could Soon Help Schools Screen for Dyslexia

In an era of breakneck change and tech innovation, evaluating dyslexia in young students looks much the same today as it has in the past: A struggling reader’s parents and teachers might sit down, gather information and assess the child on their strengths and weaknesses to determine a diagnosis and appropriate interventions.

With 3D Technology, Special Education Students Can Focus on Content—Not Access

“What’s an ox?”That was the confounding question assistive technology specialist Neal McKenzie faced a year and a half ago from one of the 100-plus visually impaired students he helps in the classrooms of Northern California’s Sonoma County. The blind 5th-grader had to write a report on rural life and someone had suggested including an ox. But the boy had never touched an ox or even a cow and had no reference for the animal.

34 Assistive Technology Apps From edshelf

by edshelf: Reviews & recommendations of tools for education Do you have students with disabilities or special needs? Then you may need an assistive technology: a technology used by an individual with a disability to perform a...The post 34 Assistive Technology Apps From edshelf appeared first on TeachThought.

13 Of The Best Special Needs Apps of 2012

TeachThought and TWA are pleased to bring you another ‘Best of 2012? app list: 13 Of The Best Special Needs Apps of 2012! 1. See. Touch.Learn. Pro by Brain Parade is one app that can have many purposes, including creating your own...The post 13 Of The Best Special Needs Apps of 2012 appeared first on TeachThought.

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