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Best Spanish Dictionary Online: Why SpanishDict is Awesome and How to Use It (with video demo)

spanishdict, spanish dictionary, best online spanish dictionaryHi guys, short little post here, primarily to share a video with you I just did but I also wanted to add some things that I didn’t get to in the video.  I’ve mentioned several times that SpanishDict is my preferred Spanish dictionary and my preferred Spanish verb conjugator, and I finally got arou

Ch-ch-changes: Spanish spelling rules get updated

The Real Academia Española has announced that in December it will publish a new volume of  spelling rules for the Spanish language. It’s the first spelling update the RAE has done since 1999, which was the same year that the ll and ch were officially dropped as individual characters in the Spanish alphabet. Among the new spelling changes are the following:

What Spanish Dictionary to Use?

Choosing the right Spanish dictionary for your studies isn’t easy. Yes, it’s actually easier than ever to compare dictionaries as we now have the internet, but many booksellers won’t let you see the content to check out if it’ll fit your needs. And that sucks. Relaunches

A few months ago a reader sent me a link to Back then I found the site a bit pathetic, with limited resources that could never really benefit you; the readers.

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