A Program for Professional Growth Based on Collaboration

Over the past three years, COERLL has been working on several projects that require participation from language instructors; a new realm for a language center accustomed to making language learning materials with small teams of faculty and graduate students.

How to Quickly Learn to Pronounce Anything No Matter How Difficult

pronounce anythingThis is a simple technique I developed on my own as part of the Telenovela Method years ago and I’ve just never gotten around to writing about it because it never occurred to me how much trouble most people have learning to pronounce certain parts of foreign languages.  This is a simple, obvious (once you understand it) techniq

Learn Spanish for Real #7: “Pain in the neck/ass”

pain in the neck in spanishI remember talking with a language exchange partner years ago and I wanted to say that something was, as we colloquially say in English, a “pain in the neck”, so I made the mistake most inexperienced language learners make in such situations and just translated the English literally by saying “do

Learn Spanish from the News #1: Common Political Terms in Spain

learn spanish from newsI love these “learn Spanish from ___” series I do, they’re great for generating short, quality blog posts when I’m equally short on ideas for new content, plus they’re immediately useful, quickly digestible, and direct, so people tend to like them.

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