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Hip-Hop Gave Me Purpose — Now It Helps My Students Find Their Voice

Some time ago, I began wondering what the point of life was. Looking inward was something I struggled with, and I didn’t feel well supported. When I sat in my chair, bumping hip-hop music, feeling depression while my child cried, I believed at the time my life was going to be mediocre.

Students Get Food, Clothing and More From ‘Care Closet’ Built by Their Teacher

There is a cartoon that has gone viral in the teaching community. Maybe you’ve seen it: It shows a child carrying large bags labeled with various challenges—hunger, illness, homelessness. It reads, “Could someone help me with these? I’m late for math class.” Most of us understand at first glance what it represents. Every student comes to us on the first day of school with baggage of their own. The loads they carry vary in shape and size, and sadly, some carry too heavy a load.

How SEL Can Promote Hard Conversations About Mental Health

Between 2015 and 2018, eight students and one teacher from Olathe Public Schools committed suicide. Through each heartbreaking loss, administrators and staff worked to find lifesaving mental health supports and strategies for the 30,0000 students in Kansas' second largest district. “We knew, as a community, we had to start talking about mental health and mental well-being and the strategies to support them—and remove the stigma of asking for help and support,” says Dr. Jessica Dain, Assistant Superintendent of Support Services at Olathe.

How Visiting Kids at Home Can Help Us Provide a Better Experience in School

This is a picture of me at almost three years old. That is my mother laying face down on the ground, grandpa’s cowboy boot frames the shot of me looking up at the camera with a weight in my soul. This was one of the days my mother went back to the hospital.

Counselors Couldn’t Keep Up With Our Growing Mental Health Crisis, So Peers Stepped Up

It’s 7:30 a.m. on a Monday morning. I welcome students into the building with an optimistic smile on my face while teachers give an endless supply of high fives, and students yawn and find a corner to sit with their friends. The bell rings and I head to make my coffee, eager to hunker down and prioritize my tasks for the week. Before I make it to the coffee pot, I hear my name over the walkie talkie and off I go—without caffeine. A student needs me, and so it begins. By the time I return, two students are waiting outside my office and I’ve got two notes on my door.

Teaching Empathy Is Powerful. This Film Made It Possible.

Thomas, a ninth grader in my human geography class, was nervous as he stood on the auditorium stage last May.

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Research Uncovers An Important Link Between SEL and Course Outcomes

To Sam Moulton, Director of Research for Panorama Education, a student failing a course is a wailing siren, signaling deep academic and personal challenges.

How a Prescription Pill Emergency Woke up Our School Community to a Mental Health Crisis

When four ambulances arrived at school in 2015 to transport middle school students who had taken prescription drugs in the classroom, it was a career first for me. We had made so much progress as a school community to improve student behavior in the classroom that year, having reduced disciplinary referrals by 25 percent. However, as the sirens blared that morning, I realized classroom behavior was just the tip of the iceberg. If we really wanted to improve student behavior, we needed to take a deeper look at what was happening in their lives.

How One Professor Uses Podcasts to Teach Empathy and Social Justice

Necessity is often the mother of invention. For Dr. Jessica Calarco, it was motherhood itself that necessitated—or at least sparked—innovation.

Inside the Wraparound Model That Puts Student Voice Front and Center

It was 2007, and Marietta High School, part of Marietta City Schools outside Atlanta, had just come off Georgia’s “needs improvement” list for low-performing schools. Student test scores and graduation rates in the school had also spiked, marking what all considered the start of a turnaround in the suburban district.Well, almost all.

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