Slides from #TETC16

Earlier today I had the honor of giving the luncheon keynote at the TETC 16 conference in Tennessee. The some folks asked me for a copy of the slides. While the slides aren't as meaningful without my words, they still convey some of my message. The slides are embedded below.

My Favorite Search Strategies - Updated

This morning during the Practical Ed Tech Chromebook Camp I shared some of my favorite strategies and ideas for helping students improve their online research skills. The slides that I used today were an updated version of slides that I have previously shared here on Free Technology for Teachers. The latest version is of the slides is embedded below.

A Week of Presentations - A Slide of Slides

Over the last week I gave presentations and facilitated workshops Texas, Arizona, Kansas, and Missouri.

5 Things We Can Do to Help Students Learn & Work Independently

This morning I gave the opening keynote for the Collaborate2Create conference in Glendale, Arizona. The title of my talk was Preparing Students to Work Independently. The slides from that talk are embedded below.

Slides From My Presentations at PSLA 2016

One of my favorite things to do professionally is speak at conferences becaus

Preparing Students to Learn & Work Independently - Slides

On Friday afternoon I gave a presentation to a great group of educators from the greater Chicago area. Twice as many people registered as came to the event so I'm guessing there are some folks who would like to see the slides from my talk. Those slides are embedded below.

Slides from Colonial Tech Conference #techcsd #delachat

Today, I had the privilege of speaking to an enthusiastic group of nearly 300 educators at the Colonial Tech Conference in New Castle, Delaware. If you live in that area, put the conference on your PD schedule for next fall.  A bunch of people asked me to share the slides that I used in a couple of my presentations. Those slides are embedded below.

From Blog to Business

Earlier today I had the privilege to speak to a high school business class.

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