sesame street

Augmented Reality Comes to Sesame Street

This week Qualcomm and Sesame Street Workshop unveiled an augmented reality application called Big Bird's Words. The app will prompt students to find objects that match the words on the mobile devices that they're holding.

Weekly Ed-Tech News Roundup: Potatoes, Chromebooks, Jetpacks, & More

Politics and Policies
This week marks the 32nd anniversary of the signing of the Department of Education Organization Act, the law signed by President Jimmy Carter that created the Department of Education. GOOD’s Liz Dwyer has a great post asking a question that’s on a lot of people’s minds: do we still need a Department of Education?

A Big Step for Gesture-Based Learning? Kinect Connects with Sesame Street

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 team announced today that it’s teaming up with several well-known children’s television programs, including Sesame Street and Nat Geo Wild, to foster what it calls “playful learning” by tying these shows to the Kinect device.

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