A Good Tool for Writing Reflections on Stories

Scholastic's Character Scrapbook offers a good template that elementary school students can use to write about and reflect on the characters in their favorite stories. The template is quite simple to use. Students enter the name of a story and the name of their favorite character on the first page. On the next pages students list ten attributes of the character. The Character Scrapbook also allows students to create pictures of their favorite characters.

Three Good Resources for Helping Students Learn About and Write Poetry

In my previous post I shared Haiku Deck's list of ideas for teaching poetry with the Haiku Deck web and iPad apps. If Haiku Deck isn't for you, here are a few other good resources for helping students learn about and create poetry.

Hack Education Weekly News: Facebook's Online Education Plans for Rwanda

In this week's education news: Facebook teams up with edX to offer online education (and Facebook) to Rwanda. The Department of Education "clarifies" its privacy rules (where "clarifies" equals "punts"). Lots of startups raise money, including Edsurge, Piazza, Credible, and Skillshare. Pearson stocks fall on reports that it's still struggling with ye olde transition to digital. An Arizona state senator worries that the Common Core means that students will learn about math that uses letters in place of numbers. Glasgow University students elect Edward Snowden as their rector.

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