7 razones para actualizarse al nuevo Camtasia 9

Como ya sabrás Camtasia se ha renovado, y ¡vaya si se ha renovado! Desde hace unos días el nuevo Camtasia 9 está disponible. Con esta nueva actualización Camtasia da un giro espectacular y es que está luchando por ser más que una herramienta para crear simulaciones de software o screencast. Camtasia quiere ser el editor Leer más ...

Parallel Reading with the Parallel Books app-A Way into Literature and Translation?

Matt Thomas contacted me a while ago to trial his Parallel Books app. The principle is simple, you get a text that is in the public domain, you get a good translation and you use the app the read both texts side-by-side.

Easy? Well... Thank you to Matt for telling us about the story behind the development of this great app that is just fantastic to get our higher ability pupils to dare

Review: Think Bilingual-The First Language Immersion App?

Interact and Immerse,
an iPad application development company that specializes in immersive language
learning for children and adults, announced recently the launch of its new
game, Think Bilingual! The game is now available for iTunes download and it is currently free for early
users and educators. The current version includes Spanish, French and English.


Think Bilingual! Is like
in an

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Review: Other Cats to Whip, The Book of French Idioms

I just
love idioms, they are a part of everyday life and often give you a real insight
into the target language culture. But how often do we think about their literal
and intended meanings? For instance, why do the English say that they have
“other fish to fry” rather than “have other things to do”? This is a great
opportunity to look at how sentences are built and to practise translation for

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8 Crash Courses to Help High School Students Review the School Year

If your school is not yet out for the summer, you're probably in the home stretch. This is the time of year when we spend a lot of time reviewing everything that we did during the school year. While your students should definitely review their notes, they might want to supplement those notes with some online video content. Hank and John Green's Crash Course is an excellent place for high school students to turn to when they need some review videos.

FlipQuiz: Old Game, Beautiful New Interface

I think one of the most common uses of technology I have seen in classrooms is the ever-powerful review game. From clunky PowerPoint templates to cumbersome online Flash versions, Jeopardy is a tried and true method for reviewing concepts at the end of a learning unit. Plus, let’s face the facts: kids love it!

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