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Tutorials on Organizing OneNote

To most outside observers my notebooks, both digital and physical, are a hot mess. That's because I rarely employ tags, folders, or any of the other traditional methods used to organize a notebook. The only time I do use tags and folders is when I am working on specific research project. The rest of the time I just jot things down and then search for them later, if I need them. For me the processes of note-taking and bookmarking are largely exercises in triggering mental notes (plus, I usually write a blog post about whatever it is I bookmark or make a note about).

Search Google Effectively In The Classroom

Recently in one of my classes, I learned about Google search optimization, or how to search more effectively. It really opened my eyes to how ineffectively I was utilizing the search engine before, and how I could use tricks and tips to save valuable time when looking for information online.

Three Alternatives to Wiki Summarizer

This afternoon I received an email from a reader who wondered what happened to Wiki Summarize. I don't know other than it is no longer online. It was a nice tool that helped students see long Wikipedia entries in chunks. It also included a web of related terms to help students see how topics were connected. While I haven't found anything that is exactly like Wiki Summarizer, I do have a few alternatives to suggest trying.

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