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Kanbanchi Project Management Tool

Kanbanchi is a free education app that allows teachers and students to visually monitor projects. There are templates for lesson plans, newsletters, and classroom work that help users get started. Kanbanchi was designed to help teachers and students manage project-based learning.

How to Use Padlet to Manage Tasks

Padlet is one of my favorite web tools because it can be used in many ways for many purposes. Today, I used it to have teachers share the things that they created during my workshop. In the classroom I have used it as a digital KWL chart. This afternoon I noticed that Padlet offers a wallpaper titled "My Tasks." If you select "My Tasks" as your Padlet wallpaper you can use Padlet to keep track of tasks on your to-do lists. The wallpaper has three columns; "to do," "in progress," and "done."

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