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Here's How Single Sign-On Saved One District 2,500 Hours of Instructional Time Per Month

It’s 9:30 am on a Monday morning and an anxious sixth-grade teacher calls her school’s IT department. Two students can’t remember their passwords for the math application she wants to use in her lesson. Another can’t remember his username. Chatter from the class grows louder. The teacher’s voice is sharp as she asks the IT department to reset the students’ login information; she’s losing valuable teaching time, not to mention her students’ attention.

How a Composting Initiative Led to the Growth of an Unexpected Learning Space

Language teacher Serena Maniscalco never thought a composting initiative she led several years ago would lead to the development of an learning space that would help so many students grow. But it spurred the development of a garden at Moreau Catholic High School, a private school in Hayward, Calif., where students get to grow produce like pumpkins, tomatoes, eggplants and lemons.

How Genius Hour Helps Kids Connect What They’re Learning in School to Their Future Goals

“It bothers me that I am not learning things in school that will help me become what I want to be.” This is the most sobering and common response to one of three questions I ask my students before we start Genius Hour: What bothers you? What do you love? What do you wonder about?What would it take to help students find that connection between school and their future? Sometimes, all it takes is permission.

5 Ideal Traits Of A Project-Based Learning Teacher

5 Ideal Traits Of A PBL Teacher by Mike Kaechele, TeachThought PD Facilitator The past few years I have worked with many teachers introducing the components of Project-Based Learning (PBL) and helping them design their own projects.

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12 Myths About Project-Based Learning

12 Myths About Project-Based Learning by Terry Heick Simple premise: What are the most common myths about project-based learning? Put another way, what do we misunderstand about PBL that keeps it from realizing its full potential?

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What Is Missing From Our Curricula?

As Atul Gawande, a surgeon and New Yorker writer, walked by his hospital’s newest construction project, he wondered how something so large and complex could possibly be managed. He had once constructed a bookcase that instantly fell apart. If a structurally sound bookshelf already proved hard to build, how can one ever manage the construction of a modern high-rise building with its intricate and interlocking web of requirements for structural support, safety, disaster preparation and project management, to name only a few of the complexities?

Why This Student-Run YouTube Club Is About More Than Making Videos

Two years ago when Erick Hanson migrated from history teacher to media specialist he had one big goal in mind: to make the library cool again.“If kids weren't coming into the library to check out books because they need the information or they just want to read for leisure, where are they going instead?” says Hanson, who works at Pennsylvania’s East Pennsboro School District, near Harrisburg.

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