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Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities With Me

As you may know, part of the funding to keep Free Technology for Teachers running comes from speaking fees and registration fees for my online courses. For 2018 I have some new online course offerings, new on-site workshops, and new keynotes. You can learn more about these offerings through the links and descriptions below.

Group Discounts on Practical Ed Tech Courses

Learning a new skill is often better when you do it with a friend. That's why we recruit our friends to try yoga with us or go to that new rock climbing gym for the first time. And that's why for the rest of the year I am offering group discounts on three of my Practical Ed Tech courses.

Practical Ed Tech Coaching Group

How to ReMake Your Classroom and Inspire Hands-On Learning in the New Year

Over the past decade, Making has transformed education with its emphasis on innovation, collaboration, and hands-on problem solving. Along the way, new tools have evolved to help teachers ignite creativity and tackle real world challenges. EdSurge has shared these educators' stories—as well as those of students who tinker and take risks, build confidence and develop resilience.

Why Every School’s Edtech Department Should Make Themselves Obsolete

In the last decade, schools have put significant resources into academic technology in an effort to improve instruction and prepare students for a rapidly changing workforce. Many have created new staff positions or entirely new departments, such as Technology Integration, to act as liaisons between teachers and traditional IT departments, and to help teachers use edtech in the classroom.

FAQs About the 2018 Practical Ed Tech Coaching Group

Last weekend I announced the launch of the 2018 Practical Ed Tech Coaching Group. The first members have already registered. Many of you who have emailed me for more information about membership in the group. Yesterday afternoon I went live on my YouTube channel to answer those questions.

Asked and Answered: 6 Common Questions About Getting Started With Video Coaching

Video coaching is no longer a professional development buzzword or novelty, in part because of the accessibility of devices in today’s world makes it a convenient choice for educators looking to improve their practice. Today all it takes is a smartphone with a high-quality camera to get started.

Experimentation, Scaffolding, and Feedback are Important for Teachers, Too

I glanced at the clock for the third time in five minutes and realized I still had two hours left of my training on Canvas, our new learning management system (LMS). I was overwhelmed. As I looked around the room, it became apparent that I wasn’t the only teacher in the room whose eyes had glazed over a long time ago.

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