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Social Media Scenarios for Teachers to Consider

This afternoon I facilitated a faculty meeting in which my goal was to get people thinking critically about how they are currently using social media. Rather than just talking at the faculty and telling them about some real life situations, I decided to create a little a game.

Myth vs Fact: What Real Teachers Learned About Teaching English Online [Infographic]

Teaching English online has become an increasingly popular way for teachers to use the skills they already have to make extra money. However, some teachers are hesitant to try it because they’re not sure what to expect. It turns out, teaching English online is easier than many thought.If you've considered teaching English online—or even if you haven't—check out the 8 most common myths about online English teaching.

Building a Bridge to Your Next Edtech Job

I attended a small job fair recently for mid-career professionals studying at a top Bay Area graduate school. I was impressed by the résumés — an array of engineering and design experiences at brand-name technology firms.Yet, more often than not when candidates shared their stories, I struggled to contain a yawn. They engaged in formulaic narration, recounting past jobs and current graduate work, and telling me one after another how qualified they were.

Life at an Edtech Startup: Six Lessons for Educators

If you would have told me a year ago that I’d be working for an edtech startup in San Francisco, I would have thought you were crazy. I’ve had many jobs as an educator over the past 16 years, but at my core, I’m a 7th-grade middle school teacher. Nonetheless, here I sit in the heart of Silicon Valley ingenuity and innovation, exactly where I’m supposed to be—surrounded by engineers, business gurus, and dozens of fellow educators who have also made the switch.

Four Reasons Why Students—and Teachers—Need SEL Embedded Into School All Day, Every Day

It’s no secret that educators who champion the whole-child approach also laud social and emotional learning (SEL) for its scientifically linked success in creating a productive, positive, less stressful school climate.

Flexible, Interactive and Fun—Why This Teacher Made the Jump to Tutoring ESL Online

Before becoming a committed full-time online teacher, Abby Ward taught primary school in Ohio for almost six years.I feel like I am more fun and a more interesting teacher.-Abby Ward, online ESL tutorLast spring, Ward watched a Facebook live video about teaching ESL online to Chinese students. She read about the experiences of other online teachers, who described the experience as “interactive” and the curriculum as “fun.” But it was the “immediate bookings, sick days, and cancellation policy that really persuaded me to apply,” she says.

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