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School Needs a Redesign, and Educators Can Lead the Way

Imagine yourself back in a classroom. You’re not taking English or history or pre-calculus; the sign on the door says “Obstacles.” You enter and on the board is your first assignment: create something—a drawing, a model of a house, a sketch of a new product, a sculpture. You do, and then as you step back, the teacher steps forward and smashes your creation. And tells you your next assignment is to pick up the pieces (including yourself) and make something new.

This District Rolled Out Minecraft and Teacher Collaboration Skyrocketed

When Roanoke County Public Schools gathered educators for their first training in how to teach with Minecraft: Education Edition (M:EE), “you could hear the rumble in the room,” says Jeff Terry, the district’s director of technology. That was early 2018. Today, his district is among the top ten for M:EE usage worldwide.

In the Future, Today’s Education Will Look Like ‘19th-Century Medicine’

By most measures, Massachusetts is one of the nation’s highest-performing states when it comes to K-12 education. It ranks first in the country on lists from Education Week and U.S.

The Shift From Content To Purpose: A Continuum of Choice

The Shift From Content To Purpose: A Continuum of Choice by TeachThought Staff What is the difference between a teacher-centered and learner-driven classroom? We’ve taken a look at examples of student-centered teaching before. It’s both a subtle (in theory) and dramatic (in function) shift in the entire ecology of a classroom, curriculum, and sense of student […]

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Teachers: Don’t Feel Guilty About What You Can’t Do. The System Needs to Change.

Over the past week, friends of mine—former colleagues who teach in the Los Angeles Unified School District—stood outside their school, exposed to the cold, rain and loss of daily wages.

Educators Share How Video Games Can Help Kids Build SEL Skills

Paul Darvasi is teaching his 12th graders that if there’s something about themselves they don’t like, they have the power to change it.

Learning to Breathe: Educators Use Yoga and Meditation to Reduce Burnout

SAN FRANCISCO — Kimberley Rose knew that breathing exercises could help kids calm down. Yet she never would have incorporated them into her classroom if she hadn’t experienced the power of these exercises herself.

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