This Handy Extension Helps You Get Back on Task

It can be easy to say to yourself, "I'll just take a quick look at Facebook" and then look up at the cl

9 Google Apps Productivity Tools & Tips for Teachers

The one thing that every teacher wants more of, besides salary, is time. I can't give you more time in the day.

Try Doodle for Choosing Mutually Convenient Meeting Times

Throughout the school year we'll schedule what seems like countless meetings with various people including colleagues, students, parents, and outs

An Easy Way to Digitally Sign Documents

This evening I received an email from a friend who was looking for advice on how to sign and email a document without printing it because she didn't have a working printer at home.

How to Save Time When Replying to Email

If you're like me, at the beginning of a new semester or school year you probably find yourself frequently replying to the same type of

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