Practical ed tech live

Practical Ed Tech Live - Episode 7

Earlier today I hosted the seventh episode of Practical Ed Tech Live. In today's episode I answered five questions from readers and put out a call for help with one question. The video of today's episode of Practical Ed Tech Live is embedded below. The list of questions answered in the episode can be seen here.

How to Grade Vizia Quizzes in Google Sheets

In this afternoon's Practical Ed Tech Live session I answered a couple of questions about the video quiz platform, Vizia. One of those questions was about how to grade the responses in Google Sheets. I suggested using the Flubaroo Add-on for Google Sheets to grade responses to Vizia quizzes. In the video below I show how to do that.

Practical Ed Tech Live! Episode 5

Earlier today I hosted the fifth episode of Practical Ed Tech Live. Thank you to all who submitted questions in advance to those who joined in during the live broadcast. I'll be hosting another episode next week at 3:30pm EDT on Thursday, May 18th. If you missed today's episode, the recording is embedded below. The text of the questions that I answered are copied below the embedded below.

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