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Group Discounts on Practical Ed Tech Courses

Learning a new skill is often better when you do it with a friend. That's why we recruit our friends to try yoga with us or go to that new rock climbing gym for the first time. And that's why for the rest of the year I am offering group discounts on three of my Practical Ed Tech courses.

Practical Ed Tech Coaching Group

An Inexpensive Source of Earbuds and Microphones

Yesterday afternoon I went live on the Practical Ed Tech Facebook page to share a couple of tips about sourcing cheap earbuds and microphones for your classroom. You can watch the video as embedded below.

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My Favorite Resources In One Place

Last week during Practical Ed Tech Live I was asked if I had one place that people could go to see an organized collection of my favorite resources. I was happy to answer that I do have just such a collection. It's found in my Practical Ed Tech Handbook.

FAQs About the 2018 Practical Ed Tech Coaching Group

Last weekend I announced the launch of the 2018 Practical Ed Tech Coaching Group. The first members have already registered. Many of you who have emailed me for more information about membership in the group. Yesterday afternoon I went live on my YouTube channel to answer those questions.

Practical Ed Tech Live - Episode 22 - Recording

Yesterday afternoon I hosted another episode of Practical Ed Tech Live on Facebook. If you missed it, you can now watch the recording on Facebook or as embedded below. The questions that I answered in the broadcast can be read here.

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