Working with Students to Create a Textbook

Editor’s Note: Guest blogger Julie Ward edited an anthology of Hispanic literature with her students, elevating the role that the students played in the class, and proving that the pedagogical affordances of openness are just as important as the low costs most often associated with openness.

OER for a Common Goal – Meeting the Needs of Spanish Heritage Learners

Editors note: This post was written by COERLL partner Jocelly Meiners, and originally published in Tex Libris, the blog from the libraries at the University of Texas a

ShotCut un editor de vídeo Open y multiplataforma

¡¡Buenos días!!

Desde siempre he sido un firme defensor de todos el software Open y, debido a la gran cantidad de dispositivos que tenemos en los distintos centros, considero importante también, que sea lo más versátil posible.

En esos parámetros se encuentra ShotCut, un programa multiplataforma, es decir, que existe versiones para Windows, Linux o macOS (incluso una versión portable) y que

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Beyond the LMS

Here are the notes and the slides from my talk today at Newcastle University. Thanks to everyone at NUTELA, particularly Suzanne Hardy, for sponsoring my trip up north.

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How Opening Up Classroom Doors Can Push Education Forward

What if teachers embraced the idea of transparency as a form of activism, a way of shining light on what works in the classroom?

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Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2013

The list of the trends I've chosen as "the top" in 2013. Data. MOOCs. Hardware. Politics. Standards. "Making." "Open." Credentialing. The business of ed-tech. What a year. (Much like previous years. So much for "disruption," eh?) Happy New Year, all.

The Education Apocalypse #opened13

Below are the notes and the slides from my talk today at Open Education 2013. David Kernohan and I shared the morning keynote slot today, and we were asked by David Wiley to offer a critique of open education. And so we did. You can find more details about Kernohan's talk here. Be sure to watch the documentary he made. 

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