Working with Students to Create a Textbook

Editor’s Note: Guest blogger Julie Ward edited an anthology of Hispanic literature with her students, elevating the role that the students played in the class, and proving that the pedagogical affordances of openness are just as important as the low costs most often associated with openness.

Hack Education Weekly News: The End of InBloom?

In this week's education news: InBloom loses its final customer (New York State). PISA results (that's always fun). 2U ends its Semester Online initiative. Don't interpret that as a triumph for MOOCs though. Even MIT is raising an eyebrow at MOOCs now. Money money money for ed-tech companies. Some pretty awesome college admissions achievements for a handful of young Black men, prompting WaPo's Valerie Strauss to say we shouldn't talk any more about college admissions. WTF.

Hack Education Weekly News: A Creationism Debate, Seriously?!

In this week's news: FCC promises to spend more money on broadband for schools and libraries. Tech companies throw in some stuff to sweeten the deal. (iPads for poor schools! Wheee!) McGraw-Hill went on a bit of a shopping spree, acquiring two startups. Cengage looks to exit bankruptcy. Remind101 raised $15 million which blows my mind because yes the founders are really nice guys but holy shit, $15 million for a free messaging app?! Howard will not partner with Pearson to make a distance learning program for HBCUs. And nary a MOOC-related peep.

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