Hack Education Weekly News: If MOOCs are Outlawed, Only Outlaws...

In this week's education news, President Obama delivered his State of the Union address. It was pretty dull. I think he mentioned education stuff. Atlanta was hit by a massive snowstorm that left thousands of students stranded in school buses and at school. They responded with far more grace than did the students at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who did not get a snow day and took to Twitter with racist and sexist epithets about the school chancellor. Go team.

The Hype and Hope of MOOCs #moocdebate [Storified]

I sat on a panel yesterday at the OCLC Symposium in Philadelphia. The panel title: The Hype and Hope of MOOCs. The panel members: Bryan Alexander, Anya Kamenetz, Ray Schroeder, Cathy De Rosa, and me (facilitated by Skip Prichard). I was #teamhype all the way. The audience (library-folks) were #teamhope. I didn't have a prepared talk, so I've just storified my notes along with tweets from the event.

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Hack Education Weekly News: MOOC Research and More

In this week's news: MOOCs. MOOCs. MOOCs. Research about MOOCs. Research about Facebook. School shootings. Ridiculous statements from California Governor Jerry Brown about online education. Ridiculous suspension of email privileges at CSU Pueblo. No more formaldehyde in Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. And other things that make you say, "Wait, what?"

Hack Education Weekly News: RIP "The Professor," RIP Net Neutrality?

In this week's news: MOOCs and anti-MOOCs, White House datapalooza's and summits on education, the acquisition of Chuck E Cheese by a private equity firm, startup funding announcements galore, a court ruling on "net neutrality," awards for professors Marvin Minsky and Jeff McClurken, research from the Pew Research Center on e-book readership, and the death of Gilligan Island's "Professor." (And more...)

The State of "Open" (2013)

Oops. I forgot to post my notes from a webinar I gave last year. I was asked to speak about "The State of OER" to AMICAL, a consortium of American liberal arts universities outside the US. No big surprise, I spoke about how MOOCs were dominating a lot of the discussion about "open education" - without actually being "open education" at all. Here are my slides and my notes.

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Hack Education Weekly News: The Polar Vortex

In this week's education news: school closures across the US due to brutally cold weather; a study into the reading levels of university football and basketball players; guilty pleas for those involved in the Atlanta Public Schools' cheating scandal; the passing of Amiri Baraka; more wackadoodle pronouncements from Maine's governor; a delay in New York state regarding inBloom; the LAUSD iPad saga continues; and the 12th anniversary of No Child Left Behind.

On Listing Education Innovators and Intellectuals

Three pronouncements this week. Three lists of innovators and intellectuals in education. From Forbes, its annual "30 Under 30" list.

98 Free Online Courses For January 2014

98 Free Online Courses For January 2014 The Teaching & Learning MOOC report is a monthly curation of the best upcoming eLearning content for teachers and students, maintained by TeachThought and Class Central. The report will...The post 98 Free Online Courses For January 2014 appeared first on TeachThought.

Hack Education Weekly News: A Temporary Reprieve for City College of San Francisco in Accreditation Fight

For being the week between Christmas and New Year's, there was a surprising amount of news - and it wasn't all "let's bury this news at the end of the year while everyone's on holiday" either. News includes: a reprieve for CCSF in its accreditation woes, the release into the public domain of the Peeragogy Handbook, a pivot for Kaggle, a patent for Jaron Lanier, and more.

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