An Updated List Of Education-Relevant MOOCs For July 2014

An Updated List Of Education-Relevant MOOCs For July 2014 Education & Teaching (10) Genetics and Society: A Course for Educators Developing your research project Turning Learners Into Leaders: Empowering Youth Through Service in Education GSE2x:...
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Buenas costumbres: MOOCafé

La semana pasada comenzaron a celebrarse los primeros eventos de MOOCafé dentro de la propuesta didáctica en el MOOC “Aprendizaje Basado en Proyectos (ABP)”.

Re-Mixxer: Using French and German OER in The Mixxer

Last year, the Mixxer (a free educational website for language exchanges via Skype) offered a MOOC to English speakers learning Spanish and paired the participants with a partner course of Spanish speakers learning English. Using open educational resources from COERLL, Colby College, Voice for America and the BBC among others, the language learners were introduced to new vocabulary and grammar points through texts and audio and then given activities to complete with their language partner from the other course.

Robots and Education Labor #bccagora

I gave a talk this morning at Berkeley City College as part of an event about outsourcing, adjunctivism, and higher education culture. I wanted to talk about labor and technology -- not just about MOOCs, essay-grading software, and other education technologies in the news and in classrooms today, but about some of the history of automation in education as well. Of course, I can't help but invoke literature and film in doing so: the history of robots there too.

Teaching & Learning MOOC Report: June 2014

mooc-reportTeaching & Learning MOOC Report: June 2014 The Teaching & Learning MOOC report is a monthly curation of the best upcoming eLearning content for teachers and students, maintained by TeachThought and Class Central. The report will...

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Beneath the Cobblestones... A Domain of One's Own

Here are the notes and slides from my talk today at Emory University as part of the Atlanta Regional Incubator for A Domain of One's Own. I wanted to talk about why this initiative -- one that I call one of the most innovative in ed-tech -- matters. But after this event was postponed twice for snow -- in Atlanta.

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