New Lego is for Girls

Lego is launching a new product line January 1: Lego Friends. Lego Friends is Lego for girls. The sets feature curvy dolls with big eyes and cute smiles, dolls who love animals, hairdressing, shopping, and science. Um yeah.
The Beauty of Building,” says Lego. OMFG.

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Should Computer Science Be a K-12 Requirement?

Yes, please.
But even if we don’t require it for graduation, we really should teach it. We can’t rely on a future where only the Matthew Brodericks of the world are coders.
If you need a better argument than that, you can read a more from me over on MindShift.

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Educreations: DIY Whiteboard Video Tutorials on the iPad

The new app from Educreations is available in the Apple App Store today (iTunes link). The app is designed to make it easy to create, narrate, and record whiteboard video tutorials on the iPad and to share them with others.

Backyard Brains: Building Cyborg Bugs

Classroom neuroscience experiments on cockroaches. Because frog dissection is so 1920s.
Read the full story at MindShift.

When Students Teach the Tech

Here’s my look at a wonderfully innovative program at the Oak Hills Local School District in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The eKIDS program (eLearning Kids in Demand) turns students from elementary through high school into e-learning consultants at their schools, where they help teach their fellow students as well as their teachers about new technology tools.

More Libraries and Museums Set to Become Hands-On Learning Labs

Earlier this month, we covered the Fayetteville Free Library‘s new Fab Lab, the public library’s plans to build a “makerspace” where library patrons could gain hands-on experience using 3D printers and other tools and could take programming and “shop

Why Aren’t Students Using Digital Textbooks?

A recent survey found that there’s been no marked increase in students’ usage of digital textbooks over the past 3 years. So why aren’t students using digital textbooks?
Well, it could be because they’re so damn expensive.

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Plagiarism: High School versus College

A report released today by the plagiarism-detection tool TurnItIn confirms what a lot of teachers already know: that students are copying content from online sources. According to the report, for both high school and college students, Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers were the top two most popular sources of lifted copy.

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