Microsoft Unveils a Newish OS to Compete With Chromebooks

Microsoft is clearly feeling pressure from Google's Chrome OS growi

Microsoft’s Evolution: 8 Of The Biggest Changes For Windows 10

Microsoft’s Evolution: 8 Windows 10 Changes You Should Care About
by TeachThought Staff
So the live streamed event from Redmond is over. What do we know about this fall’s Windows 10 release?

How To Use Microsoft OneDrive

TEST onedriveHow To Use Microsoft OneDrive 
by TeachThought Staff
Google dominates the cloud.

100+ eBooks On Everything You Might Want to Know About Microsoft Products

Aside from the core aspects of Windows 7 and Windows 8, I don't regularly use any Microsoft products (alm

Hack Education Weekly News: Pearson Wins Major CCSS Standardized Testing Contract. Shocker.

In this week's news, Pearson won the contract to develop and administer PARCC's version of the CCSS tests (about 15 million students are covered by this testing consortium. 15 million times $29.50 per test. Will that be on the test?). Some folks are arguing kids are mad at Michelle Obama because she's been pushing for healthier school lunches. Me, I reckon some folks will use any opportunity to be mad at the Obamas. Google launches an LMS. Microsoft adds Khan Academy content to PowerPoint. Automattic, the company behind Wordpress, raises a ton of money.

12 Ways To Share Almost Any File With Your Students

12-ways-t-share-files-with-your-students12 Ways To Share Almost Any File With Your Students As a 21st century teacher, you probably need to share stuff, and have stuff shared with. “Stuff” like pdfs, various word processing documents, video files, and other...

Hack Education Weekly News: Happy 25th Anniversary, World Wide Web

Happy 25th anniversary to the great piece of ed-tech ever invented, the World Wide Web. But in other ed-tech news, well... Microsoft partners with Knewton. Microsoft partners with Pearson. North Carolina wants its money back because it says that its statewide implementation of Pearson's PowerSchool isn't working properly. Microsoft partners with the CK-12 Foundation. Students in a class at Harvard were told not to ask questions as the lecture material was being used in a MOOC. Ed-reform funder Reed Hastings doesn't like democratically elected school boards.

Hack Education Weekly News: MOOC Research and More

In this week's news: MOOCs. MOOCs. MOOCs. Research about MOOCs. Research about Facebook. School shootings. Ridiculous statements from California Governor Jerry Brown about online education. Ridiculous suspension of email privileges at CSU Pueblo. No more formaldehyde in Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. And other things that make you say, "Wait, what?"

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