More Fun With Math in Pictures

I love Instagram because it prompts me to take and share pictures of things that I might otherwise glance at then forget about. Before cell phones entered my life I rarely took pictures. Last week I took the picture that you see below.

By Request - Five Good Math Sites and Apps for Elementary School

This morning I received an email from a reader that was looking for "the best sites and apps for elementary school students." That is a very

Trendlines in Google Spreadsheets

Late last week Google Spreadsheets received a handy little update.

The Mathematics of Rock Climbing

The Math of Rock Climbing is a neat video that could be used to incorporate a mathematics lesson into a physical education class. The high school in my district has a ropes course that the students use during physical education classes. If your school has the same or there is a rock climbing gym in your area that you can take students to, you have an opportunity to have students physically experience mathematics. Watch the video below.

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