An Über-Honest Memrise Review

For my new German project I’m constantly on the hunt for cool sites and apps to help me learn faster. Even though I know there are no magical ways to learn any language faster than light, there are certainly ways to make my life easier. Memrise is supposed to be such a way. Here’s my über honest Memrise review.

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Tools of the Trade: Apimac Timer

What: A simple Mac timer app for timeboxing

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Oh. My. God.

French transcripts for nearly every episode of Les Simpsons:
I’d cry with joy if my tear ducts hadn’t atrophied from disuse.

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Tools of the Trade: Twitter Clients

Even the French love Kelly Kapowski!

Let’s keep it short and sweet, like my maid. Today’s tool: Twitter Apps!

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Mini-post: Tools of the Trade

"Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right." - Ani DiFranco

The internet is:

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What Spanish Dictionary to Use?

Choosing the right Spanish dictionary for your studies isn’t easy. Yes, it’s actually easier than ever to compare dictionaries as we now have the internet, but many booksellers won’t let you see the content to check out if it’ll fit your needs. And that sucks.

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