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A Short Overview of Immersive Reader from Microsoft

Immersive Reader is a free tool available from Microsoft. As I wrote earlier this week, Immersive Reader will read aloud the articles that students have in their OneNote notebooks. Immersive Reader does more than just read articles aloud. It will identify to students the nouns, verbs, and adjectives within an article. Students can also choose to have every syllable of word identified for them. In the video that is embedded below I demonstrate Microsoft's Immersive Reader in action.

Want interactive learning? Forget the Smartboard. Consider 3D!

Gaia 3D - Finally! An ed product that doesn’t kill creativity, imagination, or critical thinking!

In school
I learned to HATE many subjects. For example I hated history because strangers,
strange lands, and strange facts seemed to have no place on the strange
timeline I was told to memorize but for which I had no learning context. At the
same time, one of my favorite (though admittedly, not

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