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Adolescent Wellness Program Builds Flexible Learners

Sitting on my mat, in a room full of seventh graders, I said to myself, “Something is wrong.” It was too quiet, too calm. As I led the group through our opening rounds of sun salutations, I was unable to shake the thought, but when I opened my eyes it suddenly occurred to me that the room was silent because everyone was engaged in the movement and breathwork that I was leading.

Bringing Tech to the Tundra: Educators Are Bridging the Technology Gap in Alaska

How are rural schools, which face logistical obstacles unheard of in more urban districts, finding ways to provide their students with technology? If one Alaska district is any indication, it’s through a combination of creative problem solving.

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Understanding Learner Variability to Personalize Learning

Personalized learning is being heralded as an antidote for much that ails the education system. It is deemed by some as a way to inspire and motivate students, tailor instruction to meet student needs, and scale instruction with the support of technology. Many schools nationwide are exploring ways to personalize the learning experience. But a fundamental question to ask early in the journey to personalize education for students is: What are we actually personalizing for?

Myth vs Fact: What Real Teachers Learned About Teaching English Online [Infographic]

Teaching English online has become an increasingly popular way for teachers to use the skills they already have to make extra money. However, some teachers are hesitant to try it because they’re not sure what to expect. It turns out, teaching English online is easier than many thought.If you've considered teaching English online—or even if you haven't—check out the 8 most common myths about online English teaching.

Personalized Learning, Teachers Unleashed, and a Learning Analytics Partnership: The Story of Fresno Unified

How does a fifth grader feel getting ready to do a live edtech demo at their local school board meeting?If you are Ryan Fernandez of Fresno Unified School District, you take such challenges in stride. At last February’s Board meeting, 10-year old Ryan inspired the adults in the room to see how tech can be leveraged for learning in a whole new light. (Here’s a video of Ryan’s command performance.)

How a Composting Initiative Led to the Growth of an Unexpected Learning Space

Language teacher Serena Maniscalco never thought a composting initiative she led several years ago would lead to the development of an learning space that would help so many students grow. But it spurred the development of a garden at Moreau Catholic High School, a private school in Hayward, Calif., where students get to grow produce like pumpkins, tomatoes, eggplants and lemons.

Building a Bridge to Your Next Edtech Job

I attended a small job fair recently for mid-career professionals studying at a top Bay Area graduate school. I was impressed by the résumés — an array of engineering and design experiences at brand-name technology firms.Yet, more often than not when candidates shared their stories, I struggled to contain a yawn. They engaged in formulaic narration, recounting past jobs and current graduate work, and telling me one after another how qualified they were.

Why a Web of Connections—Not a Single Relationship—Should Surround Students

Advocates for personalized learning have bold and plentiful ambitions for students: higher rates of engagement, greater persistence, healthy development and expanded opportunity—not to mention improved academics. All of these ambitions to support healthy, whole child development often fall to a single, key relationship at the heart of any school: the relationship between students and their teachers.

Why Giving Kids a Roadmap to Their Brain Can Make Learning Easier

Three years ago, Phila had never touched a computer. Soon after joining our after-school program and being exposed to the likes of Code.org and programming lessons on Khan Academy, he started showing up at 7 a.m. on Saturdays to cram in two hours of lessons prior to class time. Three years later, he’s developed two apps and started a coding club to mentor younger students.

10 Steps to Creating Personalized Learning Plans for Students [Infographic]

Personalized learning plans (PLPs) can be powerful tools for nurturing students' growth and empowering them to take an active role in their learning and development. What isn't always so clear is how one goes about creating a PLP for students. Creating PLPs for each student can be a daunting task, but our 10-step guide will guide you through the process from start to finish.

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