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News in Slow (Latin American) Spanish

Because I was going on a long car trip last week, I started to look for new podcasts to put on my iPod Touch. That's when I found News in Slow Latin American Spanish. As you know, there is News in Slow Spanish which has been around for a while now. (For instance they're on episode number 224. The Latin American version is just on number three.)

There are six sections:

1) Flashcards
2) News

How to choose a Spanish language school

Often the best way to quickly advance one’s level of Spanish is to enroll in an intensive Spanish language program in Spain or Latin America. But how do you choose the best language academy for you?
Occasionally I see people asking for school recommendations in Spanish language and tourism forums. That’s a good first step in compiling an initial list of schools to consider, but keep in mind that everyone’s needs are different. You still have to do your own homework to find a language academy that will best suit your needs.

Catalog of Spanish Voices

First, let me say again, that I love Twitter. Why? Because that’s how I ran across this site Catálogo de voces hispánicas from the Centro Virtual Cervantes. Thanks to Deborah from @bilingualparent for tweeting it! You’ll find a list of countries with links to various cities within each country. Once you make a selection, then you’re taken to a page with a video of a person from that area

Alfajores, yerba mate, trigo mote, oh my!

If you’ve ever gone on vacation or visited a foreign country where the food and drink was divine, one of the best souvenirs of a memorable trip is a bottle of wine or a container of food that is unlike anything you can find back home.
But how to get the items through customs?

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