Hack Education Weekly News: Knowledge Pills and Other Ed-Tech Quackery

OK, I'm slightly out-of-it this week. That's what flying to England does for you, I guess. Also, I'm visiting family so jetlag plus emotional exhaustion equals a pretty sparse weekly roundup. My apologies. I was paying close enough attention to note that Nicholas Negroponte says that in 30 years time, we'll be able to injest knowledge -- through a knowledge pill or something. So just think. I won't actually have to pay attention to the news.

The LMS as Portal: InstructureCon Keynote

My boyfriend Kin Lane, "the API Evangelist," and I gave this morning's keynote at InstructureCon. So yeah, I had to go on stage after MC Hammer opened the event last night. Tough act to follow. But I didn't cuss. Below are our slides and a rough version of what I said...

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The LMS Instructure Enters the MOOC Fray

Not content with being the young upstart in the LMS industry taking on the aging giants of Blackboard and Desire2Learn, Instructure has now decided to enter another market and take on some of the upstarts there, namely Coursera and edX. That is, tonight it launches the Canvas Network, which in the words of CEO Josh Coates, is “our answer to the whole MOOC hype.”

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ClassConnect: Rethinking the LMS

“Tell me: what motivated you?” It’s a fairly boilerplate question that I’ll direct at my interview subjects. It’s something I ask entrepreneurs and educators alike. Why this? Why you? Why now?

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