How One Master Educator Uses Visuals and Tech to Make Dracula a Must-Take Course

When Stanley Stepanic was growing up in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, he lived in a house built in 1823. “Back then,” he says, “it was always cool to say, ‘I live in a haunted house. There’s a ghost here, and she committed suicide during the Civil War.’”“I was obsessed with ghosts and skeletons,” he says, “and Halloween was always my favorite holiday.”When he was five or six years old, Stepanic told his mother he wanted a Halloween-themed birthday party. “I had a cake with a skeleton,” he says, “and I dressed as Dracula.”It was destiny.

Tools for Creating, Hosting, and Printing Infographics

About a week I was asked if I could write a post about tools for making infographics with students. A well constructed infographic can convey a lot of information in a compact, visually-pleasing manner. The process of creating a good infographic requires students to analyze and succinctly summarize data and facts that they've gathered through research. Here are some good tools that students can use to create infographics.

Clarifying Canva

Last week I received an email from a reader who had seen my video about how to use Canva. She had questions about copyright regarding graphics made in Canva. Here's what she wrote,

Print Posters With Almost Any Printer

Last night I published a post that featured a poster of explanations of common logical fallacies.

How To Use Infographics As Multimodal Learning Tools

multimodal-infographics-how-to-teach-withHow To Use Infographics As Multimodal Learning Tools
by Sara McGuire,

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