Free App of the Week: On This Day

Starting up a new feature this week with Free App of the Week. First up, we have the On This Day app, a free downloadable application that displays information on that day in history. Here are the features as seen on the app store: Display Events, Birth and Death dates Quickly select a specific calendar … Continue reading Free App of the Week: On This Day

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Discover Primary Sources by Browsing the World Digital Library Maps

The World Digital Library hosts more than 19,000 primary documents and images from dozens of libraries around the world. Hosted by the Library of Congress and sponsored in part by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the mission of the World Digital Library is to promote the study and understanding of cultures.

History and Literature Text Messages

ClassTools.net is one of my favorite places to find templates for online activities for middle school and high school students. One of the templates on ClassTools.net that I've recommended for years is the Fake SMS Generator. Watch my following video to learn how to use the SMS Generator on ClassTools.

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