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The Robots Have Arrived on Campus. They Come Bearing Food.

Robots are taking over college campuses. Not as android professors or virtual students, but as automated food delivery devices.

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Naviance Wields Much ‘Power and Influence’ in College Admissions, Harvard Researcher Finds

For decades, the college-admissions process has been shrouded in mystery. But these days, big data, and a popular college planning tool, are taking much of the guesswork out of applying to college.That was a major takeaway from Christine Mulhern’s new research on Naviance, a widely-used online college-readiness platform.

Video Assignments Are the New Term Paper. How Does That Change Teaching and Learning?

This semester I’m teaching a graduate seminar on education and technology for Georgetown University. Over the next two months, I’ll share the experience and highlights in a series of columns for EdSurge with highlights from the course. This is part 3.

Does Your Company Really Need AI? Stanford Executive Course Aims to Demystify the Hype

Artificial intelligence has become a ubiquitous buzzword for tech companies these days, but even though all kinds of founders and CEOs say their product is infused with AI, the meaning of the term varies from advanced machine learning to a smart spreadsheet.

The Fast-Changing and Competitive World of Grad Degrees

There’s a boom in the number of graduate degrees and certificates awarded these days, especially as more colleges now offer degrees online. And these degrees come in different shapes, sizes and prices.

Live Online Video Classes Are ‘The New Face-to-Face.’ So How Many Students Can They Handle at a Time?

An experimental university announced last week that its home-grown online teaching platform can now handle up to 400 students at a time via live video.

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Admissions Scandal, Painful Pivots and Other Themes From ASU GSV

With more than 4,700 attendees and hundreds of sessions, the sheer scale of ASU GSV can leave attendants with a case of information overload. But several themes continually emerged on stage. Here’s what’s buzzing across an expanding education industry whose focus now spans from early childhood learners to adults throughout their careers.

We Can Do Better Than Varsity Blues

There’s no lack of commentary about the recent college admissions scandal (codenamed Varsity Blues by FBI agents) that featured well-heeled parents exchanging hefty sums to get their kids slots at America’s most revered universities. But if we’re being honest, who was surprised to learn that people of influence are using that influence to benefit their children?The truth is that if you’re reading this, you should probably pause for a moment and take a look in the mirror.

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Coding Bootcamps Eye Universities to Extend Their Reach

The coding bootcamp market has seen major swings. Some of the largest programs have shut their doors in the past couple of years. Others have latched on to university brands and the students they attract.

Is The SAT Secure? What the College Board Is Doing to Respond to the Admissions Scandal

The details of the admissions-fraud scheme revealed by federal prosecutors last month sound like something out of a heist movie. A private admissions counselor allegedly bribed a proctor of an SAT test, and in some cases paid someone to take the test for a student, or have someone change answers to improve a student’s score.The incident has raised questions about the fairness and validity of the admissions process as a whole, and specifically about whether the SAT is as secure as it should be.

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