Teach Languages Conference, 10 February 2018

Teach Languages 2018

Languages is a conference and exhibition for language teachers organised
by Linguascope. The 2018 edition will take place on Saturday
10th February 2018.


The focus
for the 2018 edition will be the teaching of grammar. Speakers include Sue Cave, Juliet Park, Isabelle Jones and Judith Rifeser. To view
a printable version of the full programme, click

Two Fun Videos for High School Grammar Lessons

The resources that I shared in the post previous to this one offer games that help students learn and remember the rules of grammar. At the high school level, the following two videos offer fun introductions to grammar lessons.

Translation is Back! 20 Ideas for Teaching Translation

Last month, I was delighted to publish a translation resource on the fabulous Teachit site.

The resource is not language-specific and the ideas can be adapted to many languages.

I hope it is of use!

The resource can be downloaded as a free pdf at

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