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50+ Google Tools Tutorial Videos

Earlier today I conducted three webinars about various Google tools for teachers.

10 Keyboard Shortcuts For Faster Google Docs

If you’re like me, Google Documents are an essential part of your work day. Whether I’m collaborating on a lesson-plan with a colleague, sharing notes on a meeting with the school, or assessing student writing, Google Documents is probably my most-used website online at work!

Common Core Technology Skills Self-Assessment

This awesome self-assessment was created by some awesome people in the State of California was adapted from the Technology Skills Matrix for students. Essentially, the idea is that “if students are to know these skills in various areas of technology at different grade levels, teachers and administrators should be proficient as well.

Google Spell-Up: The Better You Spell, The Higher Your Tower!

A few weeks ago Google released a new chrome experiment that my students have been obsessed with playing, and I can’t blame them! Spell Up is designed for Chrome, but also works with Android and iOS.

Kaizena: Add Voice Comments To Google Docs!

During my daily reading of Richard Byrne’s blog, FreeTech4Teachers, I came across his amazing post on Kaizena. As an avid user of Google Documents in the classroom, especially as a means to provide immediate feedback on student’s papers and writing, I was thrilled to learn that Kaizena offered the opportunity to provide audio feedback to students!

Harnessing The Powers of Google Search!

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to present to some wonderful Texas educators at the Google Apps for Education Texas Summit. My presentation was all about harnessing the powers of the almighty Google search, and it was well received by the educators who were present. In the hopes of sharing the wealth, here is my presentation from the conference:

Video Tutorial: How To Add Images To Google Forms

If you haven’t ever used Google Forms before, it is a fantastic way to gather data, manage surveys and assess students online. Recently, the fine folks at Google added another feature to make this platform more robust: embedded images. You can now insert images from your computer or online into your forms with ease!

GeoGuessr: Addicting Google Maps Guessing Game!

Want to know what I did all weekend? I spent an obnoxious amount of time playing GeoGuessr - and I’m seriously addicted. Created by Anton Wallén, this game plops you down somewhere in the world, and it is your task to figure out exactly where that might be!

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