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Simple Google Search Tools and Strategies for Students

Yesterday afternoon I presented a short webinar about ten Google search tools and strategies for students. The recording of the webinar is not available, but the slides from the webinar are available. The slides are embedded below.

Three Good Web Search Tutorials for Students

One of the first things that I do with any group of new-to-me students is talk with them about research strategies. The following tutorials don't cover everything that I cover with students, but they do reinforce some of the basic skills that students should develop.

Get a Summary of Information About Sites in Google Search Results

Through Dan Russell's excellent Search ReSearch blog I learned that Google has recently added a potentially helpful new aspect to the search results page. Now when you view your search results page you will see the titles of some sites in gray text next to the URL. When you see that gray text click the little drop-down menu to see a brief summary about the owner of the site.

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