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Simple Google Search Tools and Strategies for Students

Yesterday afternoon I presented a short webinar about ten Google search tools and strategies for students. The recording of the webinar is not available, but the slides from the webinar are available. The slides are embedded below.

Great Google Search Strategies Every Student Can Use - Infographic

A couple of years ago I published 10 Google Search Tips All Students Can Use. In that post I included a small PDF to distribute to students. The folks at took a look at the post and turned it into a slick infographic for me. You can view the infographic below.

Try Using Google Maps Street View Imagery to Solve Search Challenges

As I have mentioned many times in the past, Daniel Russell's weekly search challenges provide a fun way to hone your search skills. Last week's challenge included a series of questions around Sesame Street. In his explanation of how to solve the challenge he outlined the strategy of using Google Street View imagery to help solve a search challenge. Specifically, he suggests comparing past imagery with current imagery to find clues.

Putting Your Google Jockeys to Work

One of the things that I often mention in my keynote presentations is the idea that it in the age of Google it is increasingly difficult to be th

A Simple and Helpful Google Search Strategy for Students

A few times in the past I've mentioned the value of having students use Google Image search in the quest to find the answers to their questions. I explained the rationale for that method in this post last June.

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