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Google Forms Become Printer-friendly

Creating quizzes in Google Forms is one of the things that I usually teach people how to do during my

Video Tutorial: How To Add Images To Google Forms

If you haven’t ever used Google Forms before, it is a fantastic way to gather data, manage surveys and assess students online. Recently, the fine folks at Google added another feature to make this platform more robust: embedded images. You can now insert images from your computer or online into your forms with ease!

New Response Types Added to Google Forms

If you tried to create a form in Google Drive today you might have noticed a couple of new response types. The new question types are date and time.

79 Interesting Ways To Use Google Forms in the Classroom

I recently found this presentation by Graham Attwell that describes 79 different ways to use Google Forms in an educational setting and thought it was worth sharing. From using it to collect assessment data to reaching out to parents and even creating Mad Libs style stories with students, Attwell provides a host of ideas that would work well in my classroom, and hopefully in yours too!

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